Saturday, June 17 2017 00:14 EEST
Donbas: 122 mm artillery shells hit Yuzhne, Donetsk region
Donbas, 122 mm,  Artillery,  Shells, Yuzhne, Donetsk,  Region

Russia-backed mercenaries opened fire on Ukrainian positions 50 times over the last 24 hours; one Ukrainian serviceman received lethal injuries.

82 and 120 mm mines hit positions in Mariupol sector, vicinities of Donetsk and in Luhansk region.

122 mm shells hit Yuzhne, Donetsk sector; Avdiivka, the long-standing epicenter of combat activity, took fire from 82 mm mortars.

Militants used mortars to shell living quarters in Schastya, Luhansk region; no civilian casualties were reported.

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