Tuesday, June 13 2017 23:47 EEST
America extends sanctions list of global terrorists
America, Extends, Sanctions, List, Global, Terrorists

The US Foreign Ministry announced the inclusion in the list of global terrorists of a special category of one of the leaders of ISIS in Iraq, as well as of a terrorist group in Indonesia. This was stated in an official statement, Ukrinform reports.

"The State Department introduced Marwan Ibrahim Hussein Tah al-Azawi, as well as the Mejlis Mujahidin Indonesia (MMI) group to the list of global terrorists of a special category, in accordance with Presidential Decree 13224," the official statement said.

The decree imposes sanctions against foreign individuals and groups that have committed or there is significant risk of committing terrorist acts that threaten the safety of US citizens or national security, foreign policy or the economy of the United States.

As the agency reports, Marwan al-Azawi is the leader of the Iraqi branch of ISIS. His activities are associated with the efforts of the group to obtain chemical weapons, which are used against the Iraqi security forces. As the State Department specified, ISIS repeatedly used yperite in chemical attacks both in Iraq and in Syria.

Mejlis Mujahidin Indonesia organization is a terrorist group established in Indonesia in 2000 by Abu Bakar Bashir, who was also the leader of other terrorist organizations. The group took responsibility for a series of terrorist attacks in this country. In addition, it maintains contact with the Al-Qaeda branch in Syria, as well as the al-Nusra front. The groupings still represent a danger of carrying out terrorist acts, the US State Department noted.

Earlier it was reported that ISIS called for attacks in West, Russia, Middle East, Asia during Ramadan. Journalists believe that the author of the message is the militant group's official spokesman, Abi al-Hassan al-Muhajer.

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