Monday, June 12 2017 19:12 MSK
Belarus sends 55 tons of humanitarian aid to Donbass conflict zone
Belarus,  Sends 55, Humanitarian, Donbass,  Conflict,  Zone

Belarus sent 55 tons of the humanitarian aid to the zone of the Donbas Conflict. The press service of the State Border Guard Service reported this.

The freight was registered officially on June 12 on the international automobile checkpoint Novi Yarylovychy. It will be delivered to the citizens on both sides of the line of demarcation.

‘The delivery of the 55 tons of freight of the foodstuff and personal hygiene means was made with the involvement of the Ministry of Emergency Service of the Republic of Belarus. The freight will be delivered to Kyiv and the International Committee of Red Cross will allocate it and deliver as intended’, the press service reported.

The service emphasized that the delivery of the humanitarian aid was implemented due to the international and Ukrainian legislation that regiment the order of the direction of the humanitarian aid.

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