Tuesday, June 6 2017 23:35 MSK
Russia and terrorism are main threats to world, - Pence
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Mike Pence, the Vice President of the USA claimed that Russia, Iran and the terrorism are the main threats for the world during the meeting Atlantic Council. The event was broadcasted on the YouTube channel of the Atlantic Council.

'The attempts of Russia to redraw the international borderlines, the attempts of Iran to destabilize the Middle East, the global threat of the terrorism are the most dangerous now then ever after the fall of the communism quarter of century ago', Pence said.

He added that Washington is ready to fulfill the allied obligations within NATO and adhere to a principle that aggression towards one is the aggression towards all members of the Alliance.

'With advent of the new and old enemies, our Alliance should continue to develop to oppose the threats of today and tomorrow, especially to fight against terrorism', the Vice President of the USA emphasized.

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