Tuesday, June 6 2017 23:21 MSK
Ukraine, Poland should bolster cooperation in gas transportation area, - Polish businessmen
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Poland could be the major gas distributor in Central and Eastern Europe, thanks to its own marine LNG terminal, Polskie Radio reports, with reference to local businessmen and experts in this area.

According to Maciej Wozniak, the vice president of PGNiG, the Polish Oil and Gas Company, the Polish gas hub could be quite useful for many other EU countries. Wozniak maintains Poland should step up cooperation with neighbors, including Ukraine, which is able to import a lot of raw material.

‘Ukraine has been importing the raw material from us, and they will be able to even increase these volumes,’ Wozniak said.

Wojciech Jakobik, the editor in chief of Biznesalert.pl outlet, said Ukraine could play considerable part in the whole process, if the countries join the efforts and proceed in this direction. ‘Together, we can rely more and more on the Northern Gates – I mean, the gas hub and the Norwegian corridor in Poland, increasing its profitability. Apart from the political interest, we have purely economic reasons for cooperation – we can earn money on distribution of non-Russian gas,’ Jakobik said.

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