Tuesday, June 6 2017 14:47 EEST
Melbourne attack: Police report terrorist attack
Melbourne, Attack, Police, Report,  Terrorist

Terrorist group "Islamic State" claimed responsibility for the attack in Australian Melbourne, according to the announcement, distributed by the Amiq agency, controlled by militants, as it was informed on Twitter by SITE Intel Group, which is monitoring extremist activity on the internet.

ISIS claims that the attacks was a response for Australia’s participation in international anti-terrorist coalition led by the US.

As Sky News Australia informs, police received a call on June 5 from a woman, who said she was taken hostage. A man got on the phone then and said: "This is for IS, this is for Al Qaeda." The call came from the residential area in the southeast of Melbourne.

Police found a dead men in the entrance hall. Shortly it turned out that the caller barricaded himself inside one of the apartments with the hostage. He opened fire when law enforcers tried to start negotiations.

According to the witnesses, about 40 shots were fired. The terrorist was eliminated in the end, three policemen got injured, but they are safe now. Woman, who was held hostage, was not hurt.

Police established that the woman was captured by Yacqub Khayre, 29. He was acquitted in 2009 after the Holsworthy army barracks terror plot in Sydney. Khayre was on parole after the latest crime he had committed.

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