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Russian special services try to influence policy of Macedonia and Balkans, - investigation
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Russian special services tried to influence the internal policy of Macedonia and other Balkan countries in order to prevent their entry into NATO and promote the interests of the Russian Federation. This is stated in the OCCRP investigation documents, which are based on archives from secret reports including wiretapping of telephone conversations, outdoor surveillance and data sources, Ukrainian Truth reports. Documents were handed over to investigative journalists by sources in the government of Macedonia on condition of anonymity.

"The Russian Federation uses soft power methods as part of the strategy to isolate the Balkans from Western influence, and Russian foreign policy is conducting with close cooperation with an energy strategy aimed at gaining control over the country's strategic energy resources," said the report to the Head of the Security and Counterintelligence Service of Macedonia Vladimir Atanasovski. I

t is also noted that over the past 9 years, Macedonia is "under the influence of the strongest and most destructive propaganda, as well as the activities of intelligence services, which is carried out through the Russian embassy." According to the intelligence service, the honorary consulates of Russia in the cities of Bitola and Ohrid act as reconnaissance bases.According to intelligence, the ultimate goal of this plan is "to make Macedonia completely dependent on Russian policy."

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