Friday, June 2 2017 22:36 EEST
Russia threatens to react if NATO deploys forces in Europe
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Russian envoy to NATO Aleksandr Grushko said in Brussels on Thursday that Moscow was concerned about the deployment of the Alliance forces in Poland and Baltic countries. This was reported by the АВС News.

"NATO is building a new military security situation that we cannot ignore, that we should address using our own military instruments," Ambassador Alexander Grushko said in Brussels.

He declined to spell out what kind of measures Russia might take, saying only that "NATO's movements will not be left without a response in terms of military planning."

Twelve NATO countries are deploying a total of around 4,600 troops to Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland and the four battlegroups are due to be fully up and running within two weeks.

NATO says it's a deterrent move aimed at countering aggression by Russia, which seized Ukraine's Crimean Peninsula in 2014.

"NATO is a defensive alliance and we do not seek confrontation with Russia," NATO spokesman Piers Cazalet said. "NATO had no plan to deploy forces in the region before Russia's illegal annexation of Crimea."

Earlier it was reported that Russia attempted to hinder Montenegro to join NATO. Russian Intelligence service supported opposition of Montenegro.

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