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President opening "My Flag is where I am" exhibition of children's drawings: One cannot create such drawings without loving Ukraine
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On Children's Day, President Petro Poroshenko and his wife Maryna Poroshenko opened "My Flag is where I am" exhibition of children's drawings in the Second Floor Art Center in the Presidential Administration.

Addressing the attendees, the Head of State noted that the exhibition is special as talented children from all over the world took part in it.

"It is crucially the important that a significant part of drawings were painted by children from Donetsk, Luhansk, Sloviansk, Kramatorsk, Stakhanov and many other Ukrainian cities and towns," Petro Poroshenko said.

"It is painted by fantastic, talented Ukrainian children. A great association with children of the Ukrainian Diaspora who demonstrate love to Ukraine, demonstrate that a part of Homeland, a flag and a ... are in the heart of every Ukrainian," he stressed.

"One cannot create such drawings without love to Ukraine," the Head of State noted.

The President is hopeful that little talented Ukrainians and their drawings will be noticed by the whole world due to the journalists.

According to the President, he has no doubt that all these children dream about peace in Ukraine and a yellow-blue flag all over the territory of a sovereign country. He added that he will do his best for that.

"I promised our young painters to do everything possible for Donbas and Crimea to return to Ukraine as soon as possible. We will do everything for a cloudless sky to be over Ukraine, for the Ukrainian anthem and songs to sound, for love and peace," he noted and thanked everyone who was involved in the creation of the exhibition. The President emphasized that state leaders from all over the world who visit Ukraine will definitely see these drawings.

President’s wife Maryna Poroshenko expressed belief that the present generation of Ukrainian children is special. “Special because you were born in independent Ukraine and you already know what is pride, independence, freedom and will defend these notions,” she said.

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