Thursday, June 1 2017 22:29 EEST
Shootout in Kyiv: Man attacks Chechen volunteers who served with Ukrainian troops in Donbas
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Amina Okueva and Adam Osmaev, the famous Chechen warriors who fought in Donbas alongside Ukrainian soldiers, were attacked in Kyiv on late Wednesday. 112 Ukraine TV channel’s correspondent said that, sharing some details of the incident released by the local police.

‘An obnoxious attempt to murder Ukrainian patriots took place in Podil district in Kyiv; the targets were Adam Osmayev and Amina Okuyeva, the soldiers, the volunteers who defended our country on the frontline back in 2014 – as fighters of Kyiv-2, the volunteer battalion of the National Police. The attacker who posed himself as a French reporter approached them and opened fire from his handgun, wounding Osmaev. Protecting herself, the wife opened return fire and severely wounded the killer. Both men were taken to a hospital with heavy gunshot wounds. The police investigation is underway,’ Artem Shevchenko, speaker of the Interior Ministry, posted at Facebook.

RBC Ukraine, with reference to a source in the police, wrote that the incident took place at Kyrylivska street in Kyiv. According to the source, the attacker used 9 mm Glock handgun, and Okueva fired four shots from her award weapon, the 9 mm Makarov.

Adam Osmaev, the Russian citizen of Chechen origin applied for Ukrainian citizenship in March 2014. Previously, in February 2012, he was detained in Odesa, southern Ukraine – as a bomber who set the explosive that went off in Odesa in January 2012, killing one Russian national and wounding another Kazakh citizen. Later, Ukraine’s Security Service, the SBU said that by detaining Osmaev in Odesa Russian and Ukrainian special services prevented an attempt to murder Russian president Putin, soon after he won the presidential election in Russia. 

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