Wednesday, May 31 2017 19:05 EEST
French Ministry of Foreign Affairs demands security assurance for OSCE observers
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Ministry of Foreign Affairs of France stated for the demand of security assurance for OSCE observers in Donbas to let them perform their mission. The Reuters reports this.

Also, the Foreign Ministry of France expressed solicitude due to the situation in Donbas.

Romain Nadal, the official representative of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs commented after the meeting of the deputy foreign ministers of Normandy Four countries. ‘This meeting enables us to seize up the situation in Donbas that remains extremely unsettling’.

Emmanuel Macron, the President of France claimed that he wants to hold a meeting in Normandy Format right after the negotiations with Vladimir Putin, the President of Russia on May, 29. ‘During the meeting, we want to listen to the OSCE’s report about the structure elements of the event’. Ukrainian Foreign Ministry claimed that the meeting in the Normandy Format is possible this summer.

The car of the OSCE SMM tripped the land mine during the patrol near Pryshyb on April 23. One OSCE observer died and two got injured. The Security Service of Ukraine opened the investigation upon this incident. The OSCE also provided the investigation.

The Russia-backed militants threw the smoke pallet to the car of the OSCE SMM near Dokuchaevsk on May 18. No one got hurt.

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