Wednesday, May 31 2017 18:46 EEST
Pentagon: U.S. officially supplies weapons for Syrian Kurds
Pentagon, U.S,  Officially,  Supplies,  Weapons, Syrian,  Kurds

U.S. Army began to supply weapons for the Kurdish militia whose fighters oppose ISIS in Syria. U.S. Army Major Adrian Rankin-Galloway said that as quoted by BBC.

‘The provisions include AK-47s and small-caliber machine guns,’ the British outlet wrote, adding that ‘weapons aim to help them drive IS from its Syrian stronghold, Raqqa’.

Earlier this month, U.S. president Donald Trump gave green light to arming soldiers of the Kurdish democratic forces; that evoked protests by Ankara as the Turkish government treats Kurds as extremists and supporters of the banned Kurdistan Workers Party.

Earlier Russian cruise missiles hit Syrian Palmyra 

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