Wednesday, May 31 2017 14:36 EEST
OSCE needs new monitoring system in Donbas, - Apakan
OSCE,  Needs, Monitoring,  System, Donbas, Apakan

The OSCE SMM in Ukraine needs a new system of monitoring and to step up actions in the combat area in Donbas. Ertugrul Apakan, the Head of the Mission in Ukraine, said that at a briefing in Kyiv, as representatives of 27 OSCE member states visited this country on May 30 and 31. The officials arrived in Donbas to witness the status of ceasefire and the level of efforts taken to solve the crisis in eastern Ukraine.

The Ukrainian side insists that the observers should be able to enjoy full access to the militant-held areas of Donbas – specifically to Debaltseve, the transport hub in Donetsk region, and the part of the state border with Russia, which is now also controlled by pro-Kremlin mercenaries. 

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