Tuesday, May 30 2017 20:16 EEST
National Guard hold counter-sabotage drills in southeastern Ukraine
National,  Guard, Counter, Sabotage, Drills, Southeastern,  Ukraine

Fighters of military unit 3033, the Special Forces platoon of the National Guard of Ukraine participated in a regular drill on Tuesday, May 30. The exercise designed to improve skills of deterring acts of sabotage and tracing enemy saboteurs took place in Zaporizhya region, southeastern Ukraine.

According to the press service of the National Guard, the drills were organized in order to check the level of effective cooperation among the military and the police in emergency situations.

‘According to the legend, a group of saboteurs blows up one of infrastructure objects of a military unit and escapes the scene. The objective of the military and the police was to localize the consequences of the blast, to find and detain the saboteurs,’ the authority reported.

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