Tuesday, May 30 2017 17:00 EEST
Poroshenko: Ukraine is part of Europe that Putin tried to steal
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Ukraine belongs to Europe, and it’s a part of the European community that Russian president Putin tried to steal yesterday. President Petro Poroshenko said that in his speech as the Netherlands eventually ratified the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement.

‘The Senate of the Kingdom of Netherlands has just approved the decision to ratify the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement. The path to this decision turned out much more complicated than we could imagine at early stage of this process. Why would it happen so? The Kremlin, badly damaged by constant phobia of Ukraine interfered in every possible way. Russia used all possible resources: money, propaganda, intrigues, reconnaissance services and groups of influence. It sought help of anti-European populist forces within the EU, which used a variety of bureaucratic hook. All these actions aimed to render impossible the ratification of the Association Agreement, to bury it and to stop Ukraine from re-union with the European family. Historically, we’ve been part of Europe – since the days of ancient Ukrainian Prince Yaroslav the Wise and his daughter Anna Yaroslavna, whom Putin publicly tried to steal into the Russian history yesterday,’ Poroshenko said.

On May 29, during his speech in France, Vladimir Putin called Princess Anna Yaroslavna a ‘Russian’, stating that ‘French-Russian relations began in the 11th century, as the princess married French King Henry I’.      

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