Monday, May 29 2017 23:13 EEST
ATO HQ registers 48 attacks by militants on Ukrainian army positions, 7 wounded soldiers
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Over the past day, militants have opened fire on positions of the Ukrainian Armed Forces 48 times in the area of conducting Anti-Terrorist operation (ATO), as a result of which seven servicemen have been wounded, the press service of the ATO headquarters has reported.

The Ukrainian military operation staff said on Monday that 48 attacks had been mounted against Ukrainian armed forces' positions and seven servicemen had been injured over the day.

Ukrainian army defense lines came under 20 attacks in the Mariupol sector, the staff said.

In the Donetsk sector, attacks mostly focused on Ukrainian army strongholds in a suburb of Avdiyivka before midnight.

Ten ceasefire breaches, including five during the night, were seen in the Luhansk sector, it said.

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