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Russia's hybrid warfare gaining pace, world should react conjointly
Russia's, Hybrid,  Warfare,  Gaining, World, Conjointly

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko believes today hybrid warfare on the part of the Russian Federation is gaining pace and the international community should resist this.

"Russia's new generation of hybrid warfare is gaining momentum. And its effects spread beyond Ukraine. The Kremlin's tentacles are reaching for the throats of the key capitals of Europe and its transatlantic allies," Poroshenko wrote in his article "G7 must face down Russia or suffer disaster," posted in the Politico edition on May 26.

"Russia won't stop its campaign of aggression unless we force its hand. The Western world needs to commit to joint action and stand together to protect its values and respect for international law," reads the document.

"Moscow's hybrid attacks strike on multiple fronts, with a priority on cyberspace. Those who are brave enough to cut these tentacles only find themselves under renewed attack. This recently became obvious in Ukraine. When we suspended access to social networks administered by the Russian Federation, Moscow responded with a massive and coordinated cyberattack supported by information propaganda. Russia activated its information forces, so well-known in Paris, Berlin and across the Atlantic, to protect its social media agents such as VKontakte or Odnoklassniki," Poroshenko wrote.

"Three years ago, on May 26, the battle for Donetsk airport began. The fierce confrontation between Ukrainian forces and pro-Russia militants supported by Russia lasted for months. It also showed the world that it is possible to resist Russia's aggression. Ukrainian soldiers proved that they are ready to pay with their lives to defend Western values such as freedom and democracy. Ukraine proved that it is a reliable stronghold of these values and that it is ready to do its part for international security. Investing in Ukraine's security is an investment in the security of Europe and beyond," the article reads.

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