Monday, May 29 2017 22:52 EEST
Searches in Yandex offices concluded: Company suspected of illegal collection of information
Searches, Yandex, Company

Searches in "Yandex.Ukraine" offices have been completed, according to 112 Ukraine correspondent reporting on the events.

"Searches ended, some documentation was seized, journalists were not given any comments by "Yandex.Ukraine" representatives," the message says.

Security Service of Ukraine (SSU) specified that searches were carried out not only in Kyiv, but also in Odesa.

SSU also explained the reason for the occurrence: company’s management is suspected of illegal collection of information, accumulation and transfer of personal data of Ukrainian citizens to Russian Federation. The information was allegedly used by Russia’s special services to plan, organize and conduct intelligence, sabotage, informational and subversive operations within Ukraine to pose threat to sovereignty, territorial integrity and inviolability of the country.

It is clarified that SSU officers found server hardware and documentation, which will be sent for examination to check whether facts of collection, accumulation and transfer of data to Russian side took place.


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