Monday, May 29 2017 22:44 EEST
Putin and Macron to discuss Ukraine and Normandy Format
Putin, Macron, Discuss,  Ukraine, Normandy,  Format

The prospects of the Normandy Four and Ukraine, nuclear issue of North Korea, the situation in Syria and Libya will be the prioritized topics of the international part of the discussion between Vladimir Putin, the President of Russia and Emmanuel Macron, the President of France. Yuriy Ushakov, assistant to the president of Russia for foreign relations reported this, according to Interfax-Ukraine.

‘Emmanuel Macron holds the meetings with Western partners from the first days of his accession to the office. That is the visits to German, and NATO and G7 summits. So, he already got to hear the western leaders and it is time to come to know our president. This meeting is very important for both Russian and French sides’, Yuriy Ushakov said.

The topic of Ukraine will take the important place in the negotiations at Versailles. Moscow expects to receive a support of the work in the Normandy Format.

The former lineup of the Normandy Four, including Francois Hollande, agreed to continue the work of such format and new president of France will actively join it.

According to him, this topic was discussed during the visit of Macron in Berlin on May 15.

‘Emmanuel Macron knows the point of view of Angela Merkel, now he will come to know our assessment of the state of the development of the profound internal-Ukrainian crisis, Ushakov noted.

Moreover, the leaders of France and Ukraine are going to discuss the nuclear issue of North Korea and situations in Syria and Libya.

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