Thursday, May 25 2017 23:24 EEST
Russia violates intl law sending 65th 'humanitarian' convoy to Donbas – Ukrainian border service
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Russia in violation of international law has sent its 65th so-called international aid convoy to Donbas in eastern Ukraine, according to Ukraine's State Border Service.

"Movement of the 'aid convoy' again violated all norms of international and Ukrainian law, as well as agreements with the International Committee of the Red Cross. Ukraine's intergovernmental group only inspected the cargo visually," the service's press center said.

From 6.30 to 7.20 via the Russian 'Donetsk' checkpoint and 'Matveyev Kurgan' two columns of 42 vehicles passed. The cargo was allegedly food, books and medicines.

"Inasmuch as the cargo was wrapped, the group was unable to verify the contents, characteristics and nomenclature. In addition, the number of trucks in the convoy did not correspond to the note received by the Russian Federation," border guards said.

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