Wednesday, May 24 2017 23:44 EEST
Cabinet takes number of measures for business deregulation
Cabinet,  Takes,  Number, Measures, Business,  Deregulation

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine has adopted a package of resolutions necessary for deregulation and support of doing business in Ukraine.

The decision was made at a government meeting on Wednesday.

First Deputy Minister of Economic Development and Trade Maksym Nefyodov, presenting the innovations, noted that most of the new steps are things aimed at "smart" regulation.

"We eliminated many hundreds of normative acts doe the past two deregulatory Cabinet periods, but this does not mean that instead of them there will be a complete chaos. Instead, we offer clear and understandable rules for business and consumers," he said.

Nefyodov said the main step was the creation of an integrated automated system of state supervision.

"Now a large number of inspection bodies have their own regulatory documents, according to which they come, check, issue orders, impose fines. The result of this is unknown either to businesses or ministries as regulators," the official noted.

He added a large number of intermediate and far-fetched inspections have already been canceled.

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