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President: In visa-free conditions with the EU, border and fiscal services must ensure efficient control on the border crossing points
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According to President Petro Poroshenko, given the introduction of the visa-free regime with the EU, the flow of citizens on the border crossing points will be increased. That is why the State Border Service and the State Fiscal Service must get ready and ensure an efficient control.

“One of the priorities was to equip the border crossing points with biometric means of control. I would like to thank the border guards who effectively fulfilled the task,” Petro Poroshenko said at the meeting on the creation of decent conditions for the implementation of the right of Ukrainian citizens to visa-free travel to the EU countries on the border crossing points.

The Head of State noted that Head of the State Border Service Viktor Nazarenko reported that the given system has already been launched on all border crossing points adjacent to the EU without exception. The President informed that he would sign a Decree to equip all the border crossing points with facilities for automatic reading of biometric data of the documents.

According to the President, to date, before the visa waiver, western border crossing points serve about 30 thousand cars, 3 thousand trucks, 450 buses and 3 thousand railcars per day. Almost 100 thousand citizens, taking into account local border traffic, cross the state border. “What will be next? What should we be ready for? Preliminary estimates indicate that it could be 15-20% growth,” the Head of State noted. According to him, the experience of Moldova and Georgia demonstrates that the growth equaled 35-40%.

The Head of State emphasized that an efficient control must be ensured. “Unfortunately, we only use mobile scanners that are probably 10 or more years old. I am sure there must be a stationary scanner on every border crossing point,” the President said. Petro Poroshenko called it inadmissible to see queues of 160 cars on Yagodyn border crossing point. And sometimes the queue reaches 700 cars. “We should clearly plan our actions to prevent that – scanner, equipment, lines, number of officials and clear interaction with our EU partners,” the President emphasized.

According to the Head of State, a clear plan of the Association Agreement implementation and harmonization of legislation is required. “If we do not demonstrate to our EU partners what will be the fate of data we receive from them – how it is stored, who has access to it, how it is used and how legislation is harmonized, we will not receive this data,” the President stressed. He emphasized that the Ukrainian border guard and customs officer must have an opportunity to see the documents of customs registration in the country of shipment. “This will be the most efficient way to fight against corruption at customs,” the President added.

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