Wednesday, May 24 2017 20:48 EEST
FSB to hold large scale military drills in Crimea and offshore
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FSB special forces are holding the drills to "prevent the terrorist attacks and the actions of the saboteurs" in the annexed Crimea, as well as in the sea. TASS reportes that citing the press-service of Russia's Federal Security Service.

The May 24 - 29 special tactical training exercises of the FSB division of special purpose will involve two thousand military men and modern military hardware.

"The state of readiness of the Center of special forces of Russia's FSB to hold the actions to prevent terrorist attacks and liquidate sabotage groups of the simulated enemy on the territory of the peninsula and offshore. The total number of the military men involvedd is two thousand people," the FSB states.

"It is also planned to involve aircraft and marine vessels, special armoured and unmanned vehicles, modern detection and lethal weapon hardware," reads the message.

The drills consist of two stages - working out the actions on sea infrastructure facilities and on the sanatory hotel facilities in Yevpatoria.

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