Tuesday, May 23 2017 22:08 EEST
President: State eliminates bureaucratic difficulties in social protection of people affected by the Chornobyl disaster and their families
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President Petro Poroshenko signed the Law on amendments to article 54 of the Law of Ukraine on the status and social protection of citizens affected by the Chornobyl accident. “I think it will be another important stage in the enhancement of protection of people affected by the Chornobyl accident, the Head of State noted.

“During the year, we have coordinated measures to reduce bureaucratic procedures for those affected by the most dreadful man-made disaster in the world, Petro Poroshenko emphasized at the meeting with President of the Ukrainian NGO of disabled persons "Chornobyl Union of Ukraine" Volodymyr Voytov, President of the Ukrainian National Fund for Chornobyl Invalids Zinaida Bagrova, President of the International Charity Fund "Disabled Children of Chornobyl" Valentyna Kolesnikova and Head of the Nationwide Union of Disabled Liquidators "Chornobyl-86" Hennadiy Shyriayev.

Petro Poroshenko noted that the Chornobyl accident is one of the most sensitive issues for many Ukrainians. Over 30 years ago, having no advanced technologies, with efforts of hundreds of thousands of heroes, we managed to build a sarcophagus and ensure temporary protection of Ukraine, Belarus and the entire humanity from the disastrous consequences of radiation, as stated by the President.

The President noted that Ukraine has been carrying out a complex of ecological measures over this time. Currently, we have completed the construction of the new arch of “Shelter” object due to mobilization of donors’ support and high quality of construction of the confinement. “I had the high honor to finish this procedure with President of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and many other leaders. And today, when I come to Chornobyl, to the station, the 4th power unit looks completely differently. And this is a striking example of actions of the Ukrainian authorities aimed to ensure radiation safety,” the Head of State emphasized.

“At the same time we should not forget about people. I have signed a decree on lifelong scholarships for the liquidators. And today we have completed a very important stage when the Parliament elaborated and adopted the draft law eliminating any bureaucratic difficulties,” the President said. He noted that the state keeps under constant control the issue of social protection of Chornobyl victims and their families.

“I am pleased to say that today, there is an absolutely different level of perception of this problem, including in government offices. Nobody offered me to veto it. As for today, everyone supports my resolute intention to sign the law,” Petro Poroshenko said.

The NGO representatives thanked the President for cooperation and support of these initiatives. “Today, the government is really willing to do everything possible to restore justice. And this is related not only to this law,” President of the Ukrainian NGO of disabled persons "Chornobyl Union of Ukraine" Volodymyr Voytov noted. “Low bow to your from all widows. We asked everyone, but only you made it,” he added.

The Head of State thanked the attendees for cooperation and assured that all their issues will be conveyed to the Government and respective institutions. The President will also give relevant instructions to solve the given problems.

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