Tuesday, May 23 2017 21:19 EEST
Ukrainians win the 2017 World Cup in military marksmanship
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Hungary hosted the 2017 World Cup in military marksmanship; the competition among police and army shooters from various countries took place in Budapest, Ukraine Media Crisis Centre reports.

‘Ukrainian team, which included National Guard servicemen, won the individual and group competition (military group), and the Hungarian team won a competition in police group. The competition included a total of 66 police and military teams from 18 countries – Hungary, Belgium, Belarus, China, Czech Republic, Russia, Latvia, Finland, Germany, and many others,’ the message says.

The news agency added that the competition divided in two categories of events – individual and group competitions. ‘Snipers were to hit targets at a distance of 15 to 900 meters. Most exercises were performed in unusual positions under various circumstances at several test sites. Snipers also practiced shooting from mounted weapons (tanks, armored personnel carriers, trucks, etc.), and from buildings. The program also included nighttime shooting. During the tournament, each participant completed nearly 30 exercises,’ reads the article.

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