Monday, May 22 2017 20:48 EEST
Donetska water filtration station comes under militant 120mm mortar fire
Donetska, Water,  Filtration,  Station,  Comes,  Under,  Militant

"Russian-backed terrorist groups stationed in the occupied town of Yasynuvata launched a fire attack on the Donetska filtration station near Avdiyivka at 19:01 local time on May 21," the ATO HQ said.

According to early reports, the enemy fired four 120mm shells, it said.

"The facility, which is important to dozens of thousands of people who live both in Ukrainian-controlled and temporarily occupied areas, has once again come under fire," the ATO HQ added.

Another water treatment plant in the nearby area, the Krasnoarmeiska filtration station in Donetsk region, was earlier reported to have been cut off the power grids.

"The electricity was off, the Krasnoarmeiska filtration station suspended its work. Hostilities near the village of Pisky or Opytne could be a cause," the press service of the ministry for temporarily occupied areas and internally displaced persons wrote on Twitter.

Later, the ministry updated that the reserve electricity supply was being used to feed in the station. The water supply and the station's operation resumed. The Krasnoarmeiska filtration station supplies water to nine towns and 26 villages in the area.

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