Monday, May 22 2017 19:00 EEST
President and his wife attended Knyzhkovyi Arsenal
President, Attended,  Knyzhkovyi, Arsenal

President Petro Poroshenko and his wife Maryna Poroshenko attended the VII Knyzhkovyi Arsenal International Festival in Kyiv.

“I am impressed with an unbelievable atmosphere of Knyzhkovyi Arsenal. Long queue at the entrance is the only queue I am happy to see,” Petro Poroshenko said talking to the visitors of the exhibition.

The President purchased books and had a conversation with many authors and publishers, particularly with famous dissident and people’s deputy of numerous convocations, fighter for Ukraine’s independence Levko Lukyanenko, as well as with authors of the book-chronicle of modern Ukrainian war for independence.

The Presidential couple acquainted themselves with almost the entire exhibition and spoke to the attendees of the festival.

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