Monday, May 22 2017 14:21 EEST
Official Journal of EU publishes the solution of visa liberalization with Ukraine
Official, Journal, EU, Publishes, Solution, Visa, Liberalization, Ukraine

The official journal of the European Union published the regulation of the visa-free regime for the citizens of Ukraine on May, 22.

Consequently, the Ukrainians will be able to enter the EU countries in 20 days from June 11.

The Association Agreement of visa-free regime with Ukraine was signed on May, 17. The cancellation of the visas concerns all countries of the Schengen Area, excepting Ireland and Great Britain. Also, the Ukrainians will be able to visit 4 countries that are not included in the EU: Iceland, Norway, Switzerland and Lichtenstein.

Earlier Putin's friend, Ukrainian oligarch Medvedchuk was in contact with Trump campaign – Reuters 

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