Friday, May 19 2017 23:04 EEST
Russian Railways move out all wagons from Ukraine
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Federal Freight, the subsidiary of Russian Railways, which came under sanctions, will complete the withdrawal of wagons from Ukrainian territory within two weeks. This was reported by Alexey Taicher, the Director General of Federal Freight, according to TASS.

"Those wagons which were moving to Ukraine and those which already were there are empty taken back to Russia. We do not see any problems here. When these operations are completed, we will cease all activity in Ukrainian territory," he said, adding that the process would take "about two weeks".

"We started to withdraw wagons when we found out that Ukraine imposed sanctions," Federal Freigh Head noted.

According to Taicher, there are currently about 6 thousand cars in Ukraine.

He also specified that the volume of transport with Ukraine amounts to about 5% share in the total number.

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