Thursday, May 18 2017 22:12 MSK
Putin and Macron discuss further work of Normandy Four
Putin, Macron,  Discuss,  Further,  Work, Normandy,  Four

Vladimir Putin the President of Russia had a phone conversation with Emmanuel Macron the President of France as the Kremlin reports.

It is reported that Putin congratulated Macron with the official inauguration and formation of the new government.

They discussed the Russia-France relations and the work within the Normandy Four. (Ukraine. German, France, Russia)

‘It is appointed to cooperate towards actual international and regional matters, including the anti-terrorism effort. The importance of the further work in the Normandy Format is highly emphasized. We need to adjust the inner Ukrainian conflict basing on the Minsk Agreement’, the message states.

Petro Poroshenko the President of Ukraine and Angela Merkel the Chancellor of German will meet on May 20. Poroshenko claimed that they are going to discuss the preparation to the Normandy Four meeting.

Also, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine claimed that the meeting of Poroshenko, Macron and Merkel is planned for the nearest time.

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