Thursday, May 18 2017 22:08 EEST
Militant who took photos with killed Ukrainian soldiers deported from Norway
Militant, Photos, Killed, Ukrainian,  Soldiers,  Deported, Norway

Russian nationalist Yan Petrovskiy was deprived of the residence permit and deported from Norway in October 2016. He fought in Donbas along with Russian militants. This was reported by Medusa.

The native of Irkutsk, Russia, he lived in Norway since 2004.

He is known as a radical nationalist, who was suspected of ties with neo-Nazi Viacheslav Datsik and who was one of the leaders of “Rusich” military grouping that fought Ukrainian Armed Forces on the territory controlled by DPR/LPR militants in 2014-2015.

Norway media calls Petrovskiy rightwing extremist.

In 2011 he met a young nationalist from St. Petersburg Alexei Milchakov, he was fond of weapons. Together with Milchakov he went to the ATO zone, where they founded the subversive and terrorist group “Rusich” in 2014.

Yan Petrovskiy participated in battles inDonetsk and Luhansk airports, “cleaned out” settlements in Luhansk area and fought near Bilokamenka and Novolaspa villages in Donetsk region, according to the daily.

Earlier it was reported that one Ukrainian soldier injured in ATO area. Ukrainian military officer was hurt in Mariinka.

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