Thursday, May 18 2017 21:53 EEST
Viktor Medvedchuk communicated with Trump allies during electioneering
Viktor Medvedchuk,  Communicated, Trump,  Allies, Electioneering

The USA continues the investigation of the Russian involvement in the American elections and the relations between Councilors of Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin. During the investigations, the new details about Viktor Medvedchuk appeared. He supposedly kept in touch with Trump’s allies as Reuters reports.

According to FBI, there is information about 12 new phone call or text messages between Russian officials and Trump’s Councilors during electioneering.

One of these contacts turned out to be Viktor Medvedchuk. For the moment there is no information about his correspondent but the topic was about cooperation between the USA and Russia.

In the same time, Viktor Medvedchuk denies the contacts with Trump’s people.

‘I am not acquainted with any of the Donald Trump’s allies, so no talk could appear’, he answered the Reuter’s question.

According to info-sources, the Russian officials claimed to have the relations with Trump’s people only for economic interests, make deals and discuss the business. Any other outstanding issues they set apart.

Rex Tillerson the United States Secretary of State claimed that the Russian involvement in the USA elections Is one of the most important questions in the context of the building the relations between the countries and it is documented.

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