Wednesday, May 17 2017 23:24 EEST
Archeological research in Crimea without Ukrainian permission tantamount to violation of intl law – Culture ministry
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Ukraine's Culture Ministry has said that conducting archeological work in temporarily occupied Crimea without official permission from Ukraine is a violation of international law.

"The Culture Ministry expresses its concern over the situation involving archeological excavations in Crimea in light of the illegal actions of the occupying force – the Russian Federation. It is currently harming or will harm Ukraine's cultural heritage on the peninsula with this work," the statement posted to the Culture Ministry's website reads.

The document says Culture Ministry employees have learned about sand mining activities near the ancient city Artezian which endangers ancient artifacts. Some 450 square hectares containing ancient graves from the first centuries AD are in danger, as well as 20 burial mounds.

"Ukraine's Culture Ministry views these activities as illegal and contravening the norms of international legislation," the post says, adding that it has appealed to the UNESCO's General Director Irina Bokova and other international organizations with a request to ask the Russian Federation to abide by the norms of international laws.

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