Monday, May 15 2017 17:34 EEST
President: We will do everything possible for the law on e-declarations to fulfill its function
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President Petro Poroshenko believes that the introduction of mandatory e-declaration of senior officials and civil servants of all levels was a positive step, as it allowed the public not only to see the assets of the declarants, but also to control their origin.

“The point of e-declaration is transparency and openness. The whole country knows the assets of 1.5 or 2 million Ukrainians in power. For people to have an opportunity to ask: where did you get your house, car, at the cost of which source did you pay for that?” the Head of State noted at the press conference.

He also emphasized that the law provides for criminal liability in case a person cannot explain the origin of the assets. “I think it is an unprecedented reform from this point of view,” the President added.

Petro Poroshenko emphasized that due to public declaration, the Ukrainian society has an opportunity to test the candidates for the posts of judges. “Today, e-declarations are a means of testing all the judges-candidates to the Supreme Court. E-declarations are used in any personnel appointments, including by the contest commissions,” he said.

The President agreed that the law on e-declarations is not flawless, inter alia, in the issue of accountability of civil activists. He believes the Verkhovna Rada will be ready to vote for the amendments in this context.

“That is why, within the working group, in a very short time, a draft law will be elaborated, consultations with our partners will be held, inter alia, from the EU and the Venice Commission. And the draft law will be submitted to the Parliament. We will do everything to reach consensus for the law on e-declarations to fulfill its function,” the President emphasized.

The Head of State reminded that the given law has been positively evaluated by the majority of international partners of Ukraine and public activists.

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