Friday, May 12 2017 18:51 EEST
Eurovision 2017: Another ten performers qualify for final show
Eurovision 2017, Another, Performers,  Qualify, Final,  Show

Another ten of 18 Eurovision contestants made it to the final show of the 62nd European Song Contest in Kyiv, Ukraine.

  1. Bulgaria – Kristian Kostov (Beautiful Mess)
  2. Belarus – NaviBand (Hystoria Maigo Zyccia)
  3. Croatia – Jacques Houdek (My Friend)
  4. Hungary – Joci Papai (Origo)
  5. Denmark – Anja Niessen (Where I Am)
  6. Romania – Ilinka and Alex Florea (Odel It!)
  7. Israel – IMRI (I Feel Alive)
  8. Norway – JOWST (Grab the Moment)
  9. The Netherlands – O’G3NE (Lights and Shadows)
  10. Austria – Nathan Trent (Running on Air)

The first ten participants of the final show made their way there in the first semifinal on May 9. The six remaining contestants are Ukraine (as the host country) and the Big Five (the UK, France, Italy, Spain and Germany).

The final show will take place in Kyiv on May 13.

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