Friday, May 12 2017 18:31 EEST
Syria, Lebanon, Iraq and Palestine stop to recognize Ukrainian medical diplomas
Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Palestine, Recognize,  Ukrainian,  Medical, Diplomas

‘Syria, Lebanon, Iraq and Palestine temporary or permanently stopped to recognize Ukrainian medical diplomas’, Liliya Grynevych Ukrainian Minister of Education and Science claimed this as press service of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine reports.

The minister noted that low passing grades of entrants and lack of access to the internship training are the main reasons for such decision.

Also, she added that Ukrainian medical education is the top-rated on the learning-service market for the foreign students. There are more than 64 thousands of the foreign students in Ukraine and 40 percent of them choose the medical sphere to receive a degree.

Ulana Suprun the acting Minister of Healthcare emphasized during the meeting that first of all, they should start with stepping up the requirements for the foreign enrollees. The requirements should be the same as for the Ukrainians.

Also, the partakers of the meeting discussed the necessity to create the chain of university teaching-clinics where the best talents of the practice will train the students.

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