Wednesday, May 10 2017 23:25 EEST
Ukraine’s UN envoy: Russia creates instability in post-Soviet countries
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Russia has been using the tactics of ‘controlled instability’ at the post-USSR space since the 1990s; that lets the Kremlin keep these former Soviet countries from developing any close contacts, all the more integration with the EU.

Ukraine’s Envoy in the UN Volodymyr Yelchenko said that during the UN Security Council session on May 9 – as quoted by UN News Centre.

According to him, neither the EU, nor the UN should evade active participation in settling conflicts in these territories.

‘Such efforts by the EU proved effective in the ex-Yugoslavia where, in spite of huge suffering, a lot of victims and hideous crimes, all conflicts are mostly solved. Instead, none of the conflicts in the ex-USSR space was settled. New conflicts and threats to peace in regions emerge. Since the early 1990s, Russia has been using this concept of instability along the perimeter of its external borders,’ Yelchenko said.

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