Wednesday, May 10 2017 23:20 EEST
Trump calls meeting with Lavrov "very good", — media
Trump,  Calls, Meeting, Lavrov

US President Donald Trump called meeting with Lavrov "very, very good". This was reported by Bloomberg.

As it is known, then meeting was closed for press, but after Russian Foreign Ministry released photos of Trump greeting Lavrov, reporters "were suddenly ushered into the Oval Office, where they found Trump sitting with former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger". Russian representatives were already gone by that moment.

“We had a very, very good meeting with Mr. Lavrov, and I thought it was very good,” president said.

However, there is no detailed information on the results of the meeting as of yet.

Russian media report that the meeting lasted about 40 minutes.

Beyond that, Russian Foreign Minister already managed to share a short summary of the meeting, according to TASS.

"At present, our dialogue is not as politicized as it used to be during Obama’s presidency. The Trump administration, including the president himself and the secretary of state, are people of action who are willing to negotiate," Lavrov stressed.

Russian diplomat also informed that sides discussed peaceful settlement of Syrian conflict.

The discussion also covered "the Palestinian-Israeli settlement, the situation in Afghanistan, and also the fulfillment of the Minsk accords on the political settlement in east Ukraine", agency reports.

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