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Poroshenko’s top quotes on Victory Day
Poroshenko’s,  Top,  Quotes, Victory,  Day

President Petro Poroshenko visited the oath-taking ceremony in Kyiv, as new recruits swore allegiance to two Ukrainian military units – the Presidential regiment and the 101st Guard Brigade of the General Staff of Ukraine’s Armed Forces. In his speech on the occasion, the Ukrainian leader commented on various historical, ideological and geopolitical issues.

We, Ukrainians, are the full-fledged contributors to the victory over the Nazism. And this holiday remains…but we will never again mark this day under the Moscow-orchestrated scenario. Of course, the war was a global one. Of course, nations of the ex-USSR fought shoulder to shoulder; but this war had a distinct separate dimension, the Ukrainian one – and it is the most important for us. One cannot describe this dimension in only black and white. But it seems there are no other dimensions in the Soviet and the Russian propaganda. We categorically reject Moscow’s attempts to use the victory over the Nazism in order to satisfy its revanchist, imperialist, expansionist ambitions. The Second World War was over 72 years ago, and yet the Kremlin is trying to command Ukraine like it did with four Ukrainian fronts in the 1940s.

I decided to set the Memorial of the participants in Donbas conflict – as a reminder about our war with Russia. It will be the unique Memorial of Ukrainian heroes.

Today, organizers of The Undead Regiment march promised to carry portraits of the Russian militants whom they sent to Donbas to kill Ukrainians. They are the ones who came with the sword and thus died of it. Now that is a true symbol of so-called ‘friendship’. This whole thing called The Undead Regiment is an example of highly sophisticated political speculation and manipulation by people’s feelings. I’d like those Ukrainians who believed this staged performance to hear this; those in Moscow who were behind this action designed it not to honor the memory – but to make the dead help the Russian military expansion in the neighboring countries.

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