Friday, May 5 2017 22:56 EEST
President: New legislation will ensure profound educational reform, European principles and models
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President Petro Poroshenko submitted to the Parliament draft law “On Amendments to Law of Ukraine “On Education” as regards Peculiarities of Access of People with Special Educational Needs to Educational Services” that will ensure the continuation of development of inclusive education in Ukraine.

The Head of State called this draft law topical, as 10% of children in Ukraine require consideration of their peculiarities in the educational process.

Petro Poroshenko expressed belief that supporting inclusive education at legislative level will not only demonstrate the introduction of European approaches to the development of education in our state, but also facilitate solution of many issues related to the access of children with special educational needs to the process of education in schools.

The draft law ensures that studying of people with special educational needs will be funded from the subvention from the state budget to local budgets.

Petro Poroshenko is confident that educational reform, improvement of studying environment and introduction of inclusive education must be priorities for communities who received more funds due to decentralization. “Several territorial communities increased budget 7 times, their program of development increased 10 times. Instead of being on deposit accounts, these funds should be used for reformation and modernization of schools to take into account peculiarities of these children. There is nothing more important, for this is a 100% investment in the future,” he stressed.

The President urged people’s deputies to endorse this draft law in the coming parliamentary weeks, as well as new law “On Education” that will be submitted for consideration by the Parliament in the second reading.

Maryna Poroshenko called the draft law extremely important and asked people’s deputies to support it. “I would like to underline crucial importance of its adoption by the Parliament, for it determines fate of almost 1 million children in Ukraine. Each of them is part of our common future,” the President’s wife noted.

“This education is a basis of non-discrimination and involvement of everyone in the process of education. Children can go to school and not be closed in four walls during one-on-one education. Have friends, not stay isolated from society. Develop and feel necessary, not wait for someone’s help and live a full and independent life,” she said.

“These are simple truths that children with disabilities and their parents dream about. And we can make their dreams come true. You only have to vote for the draft law on peculiarities of access of people with special educational needs to educational services. And I ask our MPs to support this draft law and the draft law on education. Then, we can expect a better future for our children,” Maryna Poroshenko emphasized.

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