Friday, May 5 2017 22:47 EEST
Donetsk water filtering station cut off from electricity
Donetsk, Water, Filtering,  Station,  Cut, Electricity

As of Friday morning, Donetsk filtering station is cut off from the power grid, and residents of Avdiivka receive limited supplies of water from local water storage tanks. The press department of State Emergency Service reported that on May 5.

‘The water supplies are delivered under the schedule, from the water storage tanks with total capacity of 4,000 cubic meters. On May 4, experts checked the high voltage power lines in Avdiivka and reported no visible damage,’ the State Emergency Service said.

Yaroslav Chepurny, the spokesman for the Ukrainian military, added that the restoration works in Avdiivka continue.

Donetsk water filtering station was cut off from the electricity due to the ongoing military actions on May 2. That shut down water supply mechanisms in several adjacent towns and villages.

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