Thursday, May 4 2017 22:55 EEST
Syria negotiation group agrees on ceasefire in four safety zones
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International meeting concerning Syria took place in Astana. The representatives of Syria, Russia, Iran and Turkey signed the memorandum of four safety zones creation in Syria as RIA News reports.

The document presupposes the creation of four safety zones on the territory under Syrian rebels’ control on the northwest of Idlyb province, some parts of Homs province and East Ghouta enclave near Damask.

It is planned that any weapon employment will be forbidden there. Humanitarian agencies will provide all possible conditions for work and measures to reconstruct social infrastructure facilities will be assumed.

The safety zones will be surrounded by security control points and under control of rebels and Syrian government troops and possibly foreign army as an observer.

The memorandum will enter into force in a month.

After the chemical attack in Khan Shaykhun on April 4, dozens of civilians died from gas poisoning.

The USA has carried out the missile strike against Syrian air base Shairat in Homs province on April, 7. It is supposed that planes took off to strike at Khan Shaykhun from this air base.

Earlier President of Ukraine had a phone conversation with Prime Minister of Israel

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