Thursday, May 4 2017 22:47 EEST
Militants beat to death local resident in Luhansk
Militants, Beat, Death,  Local,  Resident, Luhansk

An unarmed civilian, resident of Stanytsia Luhanska, Luhansk region (Ukraine-controlled territory), was bludgeoned to death by pro-Russian militants; the tragedy took place in Luhansk, when the ‘commandants’ detained the man and ‘reprimanded’ him in the commandant’s office.

The detainee died of the multiple injuries that he suffered; the militants got rid of the body, throwing it away and leaving in on the street, the police of Luhansk region said. The law enforcers added that the man’s father recovered his body.

The deceased was a 38-year old civilian who earned money, helping people carry their belongings from Ukraine’s checkpoint to checkpoint of pro-Russian militants. On April 27, he left the Ukraine-controlled territory, heading for the checkpoint of the militants and never returned.

The family started to search him the same day that he went missing; later that day, the younger brother found an announcement in a social network, which said that a body of an unknown individual lay in the street. The family identified the man by physical description and clothes. The father, who recovered his son’s body, went back to Stanytsia Luhanska and turned to the local police department. The cops opened a criminal proceeding in the case.

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