Wednesday, May 3 2017 20:32 EEST
Three soldiers died near Svitlodarsk saving comrade, — ATO HQ
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Three Ukrainian servicemen died heroically while trying to save comrade-in-arms near Svitlodarsk arc area, according to ATO HQ on Facebook.

One of them readied a grenade for combat being wounded to evade capture and eliminate the enemy. However, the soldier was not able to realize his plan and died of his wounds at the scene.

The command staff of the military unit organized searches for the military officers. Their bodies were found, however they could not be evacuated due to heavy enemy shelling.

The procedure to return bodies of deceased soldiers is currently underway.

"However, the enemy continues to manipulate the public opinion and tried to discredit the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Thus, one of the Russian websites published the information saying that killed Ukrainians belonged to sabotage and reconnaissance force, which is not true," the message by the headquarters reads.

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