Wednesday, May 3 2017 20:04 EEST
Donetsk filtering station cut off water supply of Avdiivka
Donetsk,  Filtering,  Station,  Cut, Water,  Supply, Avdiivka

Donetsk filtering station cut off the water supply to front-line Avdiivka. There was shelling in this district and probably power lines were interrupted. Pavel Malychin the head of military-civil administration of Avdiivka reported this during the 112 Ukraine airing.

Malyhin also emphasized that maintenance crew cannot restore power supply to the filtering station for now. ‘There is no silence regime security at the moment and we also do not have the permission to enter this zone’, he explained.

Noteworthy is that the water inventory was created in the city reservoir according to the State Emergency Service of Ukraine. Its volume is 4 thousands of square meters and its aim is to provide the central water supply for city residents.

Yesterday Pavel Zhebrivskyi the head of the Donetsk regional Council reported that Donetsk filtering station was de-energized. The reason of the incident was not determined and according to Zhebrivskyi, the water supply would be enough for a few days.

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