Tuesday, May 2 2017 19:58 EEST
42 balloons to fly over Kyiv during Eurovision 2017
42 balloons, Fly,  Over,  Kyiv,  During, Eurovision,  2017

The International Balloon Festival called Montgolfieria: The Sky of Kyiv will be held in the capital of Ukraine, during the Eurovision-2017 song contest. This is reported by the organizers.

Aeronautical crews from European countries will come to Kyiv to decorate the sky of the city with beautiful balloons. Organizers of the festival will raise up to the sky 42 balloons. Each of them will symbolize the country participating in the Eurovision Song Contest."Guests and residents of the city will be able to enjoy impressive flights, the starts are planned to be conducted from Trukhanov Island, Druzhby Narodiv Park and Hydropark (Dolobetsky Island). The flights of balloons will take place every festival day: in the morning (6:00 - 8:00 ) and in the evening (18:00 - 20:00). Also evening balloons performance is planned in the program of the festival," the message says.The festival will be held from 6 to 14 May.

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