Monday, May 1 2017 19:26 EEST
President: State Border Service must ensure high-quality service in border crossing by Ukrainians in conditions of visa-free regime
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President Petro Poroshenko reminded that COREPER has recently adopted visa waiver for Ukraine. “We – Ukraine, its people and authorities - gained visa-free travel to the EU. And now we can emphasize that we are waiting for the decision of the Council of the European Union to be made on May 11 providing the right for every Ukrainian with a biometric passport to cross the border without a visa,” the Head of State noted

“There is no more need to wait in long queues near embassies, collect a bunch of references, pay money,” he added.

Petro Poroshenko called this decision extremely important for our country. “It is a Rubicon when we abandon the Russian empire and return to our European cradle. This decision is to enter into force on June 11 and Ukrainians will be able to travel freely,” he noted.

The President is confident that after visa liberalization the flow of citizens travelling to Europe will be increased, thus, workload of the State Border Service will be increased as well. All Ukrainians must have a high-quality, European service when crossing the border, as stated by the President.

“I instruct you to ensure high-quality public service in border crossing by Ukrainians and our guests; to prevent queues in which Ukrainians will have to wait for hours to cross the border. We have eliminated queues near embassies and we cannot allow their emergence near the border-crossing points. We still have time to get ready to this important event in the history of Ukraine,” Petro Poroshenko addressed the Head of the State Border Service of Ukraine.

According to him, it will be instructed to cheapen the cost of transport connection as well. Particularly, to attract low-cost airlines. “This is another important step to enhance European integration of our state,” the President emphasized.

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