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Today Ukraine celebrates international holiday - Labor Day
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Today Ukraine together with 141 countries around the world celebrate an international holiday - Labor Day, which was originally called the International Workers' Day.

On May 1, 1886, American workers organized a strike, demanding an 8-hour working day. The strike and the accompanying demonstration ended in a bloody clash with the police. When dispersing such a demonstration in Chicago on May 4, six demonstrators died. In the mass protests against the brutal actions of the police, eight policemen were killed and at least 50 wounded, and in the skirmish, a minimum of four workers were wounded (according to some, up to fifty killed and wounded). Several dozen people were injured.

For a long time, this holiday was a symbol of revolution, irreconcilable class struggle, had a "political color" and was marked by demonstrations with portraits of political figures, leaders of production, slogans, appeals, posters and diagrams about achievements in this or that branch of the national economy, science, culture. But gradually this context was lost.

Today this holiday is celebrated in 142 countries and territories of the world on May 1 or the first Monday in May. For a number of countries, the tradition of collecting people under the banners of trade unions has still been preserved, but in most states this is still not a political holiday, namely Labor Day, a bright spring holiday with festivities, performances of artists, fairs, peaceful processions and many entertainment events. And for someone it's just another day off, during which you can just relax or spend time with your family.

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