Friday, April 28 2017 15:13 EEST
Russia could stir up situation in Mariupol during May holidays, - Donetsk governor
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The Russian military and political leadership could go for any sort of provocations during the May holidays in Mariupol. Pavlo Zhebrivsky, the governor of Donetsk region, said that in his commentary for 112 Ukraine TV channel.

‘There is an attempt of some forces, and first of all of the Russian special agencies to stir up the situation in Mariupol in advance of the WWII Reconciliation Day and the Victory Day. But we have an adequate answer. Whoever plans this he should know that the punishment will be inevitable. We have enough forces, means and measures to cease any incident’, he claimed adding that there will be peace on the Ukraine-controlled territory.

Mariupol, Donetsk region, lies not far from the frontline of the war-torn Donbas; the city suffered a couple of terrorist attacks sincethe hostilities began in April 2014. The first attack took place on May holidays in 2014, when the Russia-sponsored militants attacked the local police department, which led to casualties.

According to Zhebrivsky, local law enforcers are now serving in the enhanced security mode, ready to prevent any provocations by Russian agents or pro-Russian separatists.

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