Thursday, April 27 2017 23:32 EEST
Jamala, winner of Eurovision 2016, gets married
Jamala, Winner, Eurovision 2016, Gets,  Married

Jamala, Ukrainian singer and the winner of Eurovision2016, got married today, on April 26. She wrote this on her Facebook page.

Jamala married Crimean Tatar activist Bekir Suleimanov.

“The wedding day. Me and Seit-Bekir are a husband and wife! Thanks everybody for the congratulations! Yours Ja,” she commented the photo.

The wedding ceremony took place in the Islamic Cultural Center of Kyiv. The wedding was held in accordance with national traditions.

The first photos of Jamala in the wedding dress and of her relatives at the ceremony have already appeared on the networks. Photos of the bride and groom were taken during the wedding ceremony.

Jamala and Bekir Suleimanov met about three years ago at the party of their mutual friends. Seit-Bekir is eight years younger than the singer. Crimean Tatar national, he is originally from Simferopol. He received his education in the Kyiv National University at the faculty of applied physics, and decided to devote himself to a career in analytical economics sphere. The man is pretty well known activist defending the rights of the Crimean Tatars.

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